The new generation Grouter

​Push the plug in and move on to a new hole.  Keep diamond drilling and come back to grout when you have time.  It will not corrode.  This plug can also replace your stand pipe setup saving time and money. 

Installs quickly and easily into breakthrough holes with a development jumbo using a split set dolly. 

Available in HQ and NQ.   See our news section.

Drill Rig Installation - Surface Drilling

2020-01 Grouter Mk3 split set -640.png
          Isolator - an instant collar grouting plug


The Isolator has been developed to push down a surface diamond drill hole to immediately support and seal a collar grout behind and on top of the plug.  These are currently available in BQ (60mm).  Contact us for other sizes, or with your requirements and we can make the plugs for your situation. 


Drill Rig Installation - Underground

      Grouter High Pressure Grouting


Available now in AQTK, WL56, BQ, LTK60, NQ/NQ2, and HQ. These are also proving great for upholes.  


Simple installation, pressure rated to 1000 psi (69 Bar) with a 2:1 Factor of Safety, temperature rated to 100 degrees Celsius, and with an internal check valve to lock and hold the grout in position under pressure.   

      Hydra-Barb High Pressure Water Control


The Hydra-Barb is the only pressure and temperature rated plug available for underground hardrock diamond drill holes. Pressure rated to 1000 psi (69 Bar) with a 2:1 Factor of Safety, and temperature rated to 100 degrees celsius. The Hydra-Barb is rig installed and works immediately on installation.  

          Terra-Barb Instant Rifling Protection


The Terra-Barb is designed specifically to absord rifling pressures from surrounding blasting shock waves.  It has a large Factor of Safety of 200:1 in underground hardrock mining against the airblast overpressure of a 300kg charge 10m from the plug.  Smaller and lower cost than the Hydra-Barb, the Terra-Barb has a higher anchor strength and will support a grout column behind it in a dry hole.