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Are you using pressure rated plugs for high pressure water?  If not, there is a risk of flooding the mine.  


The Hydra-Barb (along with our Grouter) is the highest pressure rated single use diamond drilling plug available.  The Hydra-Barb works immediately on installation, and NQ and HQ sizes are also development jumbo installable for intersected holes in development headings. 

A solid plug is ideal in wet downholes where the hole does not need to be fully grouted. 

Sizes NQ and HQ also allow for development jumbo installation for situations where intersected diamond drill holes daylight into ore drives or the decline.  This allows for a rapid response and can prevent flooding in extreme water flow areas, such as under a pit full of water. 





      High Pressure Water


The Hydra-Barb is pressure rated to 1000 psi (69 Bar) with a 2:1 Factor of Safety. 

Lower Cost

Works Instantly

Will Not Corrode

        Mechanical Strength

The plug has an anchor strength of 15 tonnes for BQ/LTK60 and NQ/NQ2, and more than 18 tonnes for HQ. Without any metal components, the Hydra-Barb will not corrode.  

Higher Pressure Rating

Higher Temperature Rating

Prevents water and gas inflows

        Simpler Installation

To work, the plug needs to be installed in competent ground. For best results it pays to check the core for a good installation location. 


Simply push the plug in to a solid location with the bit and pull the rods.  It's that simple!

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