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Instant rifling protection for completed diamond drill holes.

          Rifling Protection


The Terra-Barb is able to easily absord rifling pressures from surrounding blasting shock waves. It has a large Factor of Safety of 200:1 in hard rock against the airblast overpressure of a 300kg charge 10m from the plug.


The plug works immediately on installation and can be backed up with a collar grout if required.  

       Why Fully Grout ?

We can reduce your costs.  This is how.  


With mining companies looking to reduce costs, fully grouting is very expensive, time consuming, with a high risk of being washed out by groundwater. Ultimately it's unnecessary. To be carried out properly, it requires the grout tube to be run to the end of the hole, mixing and pumping of 1250kg of cement for a typical 200m NQ hole, then shrinkage topped up after curing a few days later.  The cost is several thousand dollars per hole, along with the risk of working with rotating machinery, high pressure grout, and the manual handling of 60 or so 20kg bags of cement.   


Compare this to 5 minutes pushing in a Terra Barb plug for one tenth of the cost, with pressure and load ratings.   For a permanent solution, mix up some grout and pump or pour it behind the plug. 


        Mechanical Strength

The Terra-Barb is load tested to 12 tonnes (NQ 76mm), making it not only the simplest, but the strongest plug of its type commercially available. Suitable for most hard rock greater than 20 MPa, the Terra-Barb provides a quick, simple solution to blocking diamond drill holes. 


The Terra-Barb will seal against regular water flow, with a pressure rating of 200 psi (14 Bar) at FoS of 2:1.  However, we strongly recommend using the Hydra-Barb or Grouter to seal water pressure due to the likelihood of that pressure being greater than estimated.  

        Simple Installation

The Terra-Barb is ideal for rifling protection at the collar between 3m and 10m in.  It is installed the same as the Hydra-Barb. For best results it pays to check the core for a good installation location. 


Simply push the Terra-Barb in with the drill bit and pull the rods.  It's that simple.  


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