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Grouter Mk4


Developed in response to industry demand, the Grouter Mk4 is the simplest and safest way to pressure grout underground diamond drill holes, now including intersected holes in development.  

Now with even more functionality: 

  - Install with a diamond drill and grout through the rods

  - Operations personnel can install with a jumbo into intersected diamond drill holes, immediately stopping water inflow

  - Connect up and pressure grout at a later date

  - Bleed and regulate groundwater subject to pumping capacity (Mk4R version), saving the time and cost of drilling through a standpipe

Currently available in NQ (76mm). 

Mk3 predecessor available in HQ (96mm), soon to follow as Mk4. 


      High Pressure Water


Based on our Hydra-Barb technology the Grouter Mk4 is pressure rated to 1000 psi (69 Bar) with a 2:1 Factor of Safety for all functions. 

        Mechanical Strength

The Grouter Mk4 has an anchor strength of beyond 10 tonnes for  NQ/NQ2.


        Simple Installation

To work, the plug needs to be installed in competent ground. For best results it pays to check the core for a good installation location. You will need an installation sub cut from an old but straight drill rod.  Simply push the plug in to a solid location with the sub, grout, and then pull the rods.  It's that simple!

New Video Soon !


We are putting together a new video showing all the functionality of the Grouter Mk4.  For now though, we are concentrating on getting the other sizes developed so that we can make them available as soon as possible. 

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