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The Isolator plug for surface diamond drilling


Developed in in conjunction with Graham Martin of Premier Drilling Equipment, South Africa, the Isolator plug is the first of our plugs made specifically for surface drilled diamond drill holes. 


On hole completion the plug is pushed down to 50m to support a grout column above it.  

This plug is only available in South Africa through Premier Drilling Equipment, or DD Grout Plugs for other international locations. 

        Mechanical Strength

The BQ /LTK60 Isolator has a forward anchor strength of between 3 and 5 tonnes.


With no metal components, the Isolator will not corrode over time even in the harshest groundwater conditions.  

        Simpler Installation

To work, the plug needs to be installed in competent ground. For best results it pays to check the core for a good installation location. The plug is made to be pushed in with a drill bit.  Simply push the plug in to a solid location, pull the rods, and grout.  It's that simple!

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