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Grouter Mk4 (green) now available in NQ and HQ.
- diamond drill and development jumbo installation
- Optional Mk4R (red) can be remotely opened

High pressure grouting plugs

The highest pressure and load rated diamond drilling plugs available. 

  • Simple

  • Effective

  • Load rated

  • Pressure rated

  • Will not corrode

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Intellectual Property

DD Grout Plugs invented, developed and filed a patent application for this family of products in late 2014 for the following regions and countries;

Australia 2014376126

ARIPO (Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia) AP/P/2016/009330

Canada 2935386

Eurasia (Russia, Kazakhstan) 201691372

Europe 14877624.8

Indonesia P-00201605136

Mexico MX/a/2016/009153

New Zealand 721749

Philippines 1-2016-501372

South Africa 2016/04598

USA 15/110,322

Argentina P15 01 00037

See our News section for more details. 


For blast holes and other percussion drilled holes, please see our sister business Underground Stemming:

Underground Stemming
Underground Stemming

About Us


Jeff Phillips

Mining Engineer, Business Owner and Inventor.

B. Eng (Mining), B. Econs, B. Commerce (Finance), M. AusIMM.


Jeff Phillips has 30 years mining industry experience, and holds a West Australian First Class Mine Manager's Certificate of Competency.  The DD Grout Plugs products were brought to market with the aim of providing simple, effective and easy to use products to improve mining productivity and reduce overall cost. Jeff holds a number of patents and patent applications on this and other products.  


Jeff is a Member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Aus IMM).


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